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Back to our Original bottles

A lot of you asked —  and we listened. Effective immediately, we’re no longer using glass in certain of our packaging and we’re switching back to our original food-grade PET bottles. It wasn’t an easy choice — if you know us, you know we’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint. Since starting to use glass packaging we’ve received a number of complaints about products being delivered damaged or broken and that got us thinking, is glass the best option for us? As it turns out, no.

The impact of transportation (and carbon footprint associated with transportation) on delivering products twice got us asking questions about glass in general. We learned that, on average, the energy involved in making glass is far more intense than that of plastic. Simply put, glass has a larger carbon footprint than plastic does when plastic is recycled correctly.

We also learned that aside from Quebec city, our province is abysmal when it comes to recycling glass. Only about 20% of glass is actually recycled with the majority being simply ground up to make abrasives for sandblasting.

Speaking of little bits of glass, we also started thinking about when glass breaks — specifically when it breaks in the bathroom. We want our products to be as safe and family-friendly as possible and it turns out glass doesn’t mix well with bathroom tiles.

By switching back to plastic, we can address a few of these issues, but if we want to be the best we can be, we’ll need your help. Single-use plastics are far and above the greatest contributors to environmental pollution. By bringing back our beautiful plastic bottles we encourage you to reuse them as we know recycling is not the best solution.

To offset our switch back to plastic we’ve decided to partner with One Tree planted so that reforestation can be an active part of our business model. with everyone of your orders, one tree is being planted. Additionally, to foster a movement toward reusing plastics, we’ll be releasing 1L refill bags for some of our products so that our bottles can last longer and so we can promote upcycling within our wellness community.

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