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Natural Eau de Parfum - WILD FLOWER

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Natural Eau de Parfum - WILD FLOWER

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WILD FLOWER Natural Eau de Parfum

Wild flower is a Joie de vivre potion inspired by my free spirited friend Corinne. It's an unisex smell like no other. Floral, powdery and earthy this scent lingers softly like a spell of love and happiness.


Head Notes

licac and Sweet Orange

lilac Flowers: associated with playful flirtation, the blooming of new love. Lilacs have come to be associated with banishing and getting rid of negative energies

Sweet orange: for acceptance, trust and regeneration of the spirit

Middle note

Chamomile and Mimosa

Chamomile: for peace, calm and to connect with your highest Self

Mimosa absolute: heart opener. It brings hope joy and banishes the demons of depression


Base note

Benzoin and Patchouli

Benzoin: In psycho-spiritual use, benzoin brings in the warmth of the sun. Imagine your heart opening to the joys of creation, to the internal love of self, to the idea of self-acceptance and self-honor. Benzoin’s gift is one of quietude and internal self-being.

Patchouli: Spiritually, Patchouli essential oil brings a sense of the sacredness of life.  Dispels negativity and promotes good dreams. 

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