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From Plastic to Glass

We are changing our bottles from plastic to Glass

A lot of changes are happening around us since the pandemic. It can be viewed as a hardship but I decided to be resilient and use this moment of stillness to reflect on my ways of doing business.

Since I was sourcing my custom green plastic bottles from china, It became difficult and frankly out of place for me to re order with them. So I decided to change bottle supplier and we now order from a Canadian distributor. We had to adapt but for the better. It was hard for me to find a business in Quebec that could manufacture my bottle. The sad truth is that we lost most of our workforce and labour to foreign countries and now that the borders are closed we are faced with a tragic reality. Did we loose our independence and freedom for convenience and better prices?  I think we needed a wake up call, our action have consequences and we are now prisoners of our own trap.

This was a cold shower for me. I am now changing the way I do business and I am happy to say that 95% of our ingredients suppliers are Canadian and the 5% is in the United states. Since we are no longer in business with our foreign bottle supplier we are changing our green plastic bottles for Amber glass bottles. This change was hard to accept at first since my branding was made around our custom green bottle. But I needed to learn a lesson from this and that lesson was ''resilience''. We need to learn to be more compliant to what our world and Mother Earth need right now instead of what we want. Glass might be more costly and sometime less convenient than plastic but glass is always THE BETTER choice for now and for the future. 

This change is bringing me joy. It is more in alig with our holistic approach and our respect for Nature. I hope that you will be resilient to it.

Alexe xox

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