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Who we are

About The brand
Apprenti Ôr'ganik is a therapeutic body care line made in Montreal with Natural and organic ingredients. Our mission is to raise awareness against harmful chemicals and artificial components existing in our everyday products while promoting healthy and earth friendly living.
All of the products are slow made by hand with care using only "active" ingredients for their therapeutic benefit with no filler added. The nature has so much to offer and we believe that it is important to reconnect our body and soul with it. Our products are never tested on animal and they are cruelty free. We've only tested our products in consented happy humans (meaning my husband, friends and family)
We are proud to declare that our product will never contain synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfate, animal testing, petroleum and mineral oils.
They will only be created with natural ingredients, plant-based food grade oils, steam distilled therapeutics grade essentiel oils and many certified organic ingredients.
From the Earth to your Skin
About the founder
Who we are? Well, "we" are me! This company is a one woman show and i'm proud of it. I've been making natural body care products for my husband, my friends and myself for the past 3 years in my kitchen. I am an outdoor lover, animal huger and yoga passionate. Switching to natural product came naturally with the way my husband and I chose to live our life.
I never planned on turning this into a business, but slowly people started to ask for my products and I told myself "why not"! The goal here is to help people get a healthier routine and lifestyle. I find that the beauty industry is toxic and very superficial nowadays, so it's my personal small quest to get people to reconnect with the real and natural. 
By being aware of what we eat and put on our body daily, we slowly open a door to a healthier, happier version of ourself. Hoping you'll love the product as much as i love them.