Word From the Alexe, The Founder

Word From the Alexe, The Founder

I AM FULL OF GRATITUDE and I wanna share my testimony with you.
2020 is NO JOKE. It’s a year of shift, a year of change. This year came with the most pain, grief and joy I have ever felt in my 30yrs of existence.

I started this year with a new tiny seed of love taking home in my wound. It was planned, it was wanted and it was love. I’ve never wanted anything harder than to have the chance to enter motherhood, to sacrifice myself to birth a child. Little did I know that 3 months later this new life would leave my body and be replaced by grief, emptiness and soreness. No more heartbeat said the radiologist. I lost my baby, they had to physically remove it from me.

Two weeks later I was being laid off by my employer for I don’t know how long due to Covid. (I am a flight attendant). BREATHING NEVER FELT SO HEAVY

The world went mad. I was living through two pandemics, a virus and my shattered soul

I had to raise my vibration and stay in alignment. "You are so strong" they said to me. What else would i have to be if I wanted to breathe through this life.

Now i know that this was happening so I could focus on my company because I no longer had the choice. Now I am advancing towards financial independence. I no longer qualify for my unemployment insurance (chomage) and I won’t need to find another paying job. This hardship was happening for me and not to me.

I am beyond grateful for your trust, for your love, for your patience, for your orders. You are making a difference. Truly. By being of service to others, we benefit ourselves. Through love and compassion we elevate ourselves. Can you feel my energy? Your orders are filled with intentions of love and wellness, I hope you can feel that when you receive them. It hasn’t been easy, it still isn’t but sincerely i want to Thank you from the bottom of my soul. You are contributing. You are amazing and you are loved! I wish you all to flourish

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