From Solopreneur to full time Family Business

August 24, 2022
For the time that I’ve been running Apprenti Ôr'ganik, I have been many things: an optimist, an apprentice, a businesswoman, a partner, and a mother. Often, I’ve been them all at once. Fortunately,...
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Infusion d’épinettes blanches

July 14, 2022
Une infusion toute simple fait avec l’abondance d’épinettes que nous offrent nos terres sauvage, la tisane d'épinette regorge de vitamine C et constitue une excellente boisson à déguster chaud ou ...
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Holistic lifestyle? what is that?

October 31, 2021
We hear it more and more. Holistic lifestyle, holistic skincare, holistic practice... But what does this word really means? It trendy, everybody use it, but do we really understand it? By definitio...
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Word From the Alexe, The Founder

September 21, 2020
I AM FULL OF GRATITUDE and I wanna share my testimony with you.2020 is NO JOKE. It’s a year of shift, a year of change. This year came with the most pain, grief and joy I have ever felt in my 30yrs...
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Hemp, The fondation of all our products

October 19, 2019
Hemp oil has been proven to dramatically reduce the itching and dryness associated with dermatitis and inflammation of the skin. It’s also been proven to help protect the skin against signs of agin...
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