Shipping rates



0$ - 64.99$ = 8$

65$ and up = Free shipping



0$ - 64.99$ = 10$

65$ and up = Free shipping



0$ - 94.99$ = 15$

95$ and up = Free shipping



0$ - 119.99$ = 15$

120$ and up = Free Shipping



35$ on all order



- Final sale on all products


Delivery information

Prices do not include shipping and delivery costs. This will be added upon ordering in accordance with what is stated in the online shop. We offer different shipping methods as described in the online shop. We are not responsible for the products when in transit. Products that are in stock are normally shipped within 1-3 days. The delivery time may vary depending on the delivery method you have chosen and to which location the delivery shall be delivered. The expected delivery time is stated in the order confirmation. Discrepancies may occur from the specified delivery date. If you have ordered a product that is temporarily out of stock delivery time is longer than for products in stock. You will be notified by email if there are any problems which will delay the delivery. You shall, depending on the selected delivery solution, retrieve, collect or receive the package in accordance with the instructions from time to time provided by us or the freight company. Depending on the selected delivery solution, you will receive a notice indicating where and when the package may be retrieved or received. For unclaimed or non-received packages a customer who is a consumer is charged a fee equivalent to the shipping and delivery costs for returning the product. A customer that is a legal entity shall immediately upon retrieval, collection or receival of ordered products inspect the shipment and report any damages on the outer box to the pickup/access service of the forwarding agent and save a copy of the report for your reference if something is damaged inside the box.